About us

Novalis Capital is an independent financial services firm with connections in North America, Latin America and Europe. Founded by professionals from leading global investment banking, investment management and financial services firms, Novalis Capital is focused on providing tailored financial advice, investment analysis and independent research. We specialize in:

  • Funding, restructuring and M&A transaction advisory for growth, small and middle-market enterprises;
  • Investment analysis, business valuation and portfolio advisory for companies, asset managers, financial advisors and high net worth individuals;
  • Multi-asset, multi-market, in-depth independent research and corporate access for corporate clients and investment management firms;
  • Other financial, intelligence, educational and technology tailor-made services.

Despite being asset, market and sector agnostic, we have extensive experience over equities, credit, emerging markets (as Latin America), technology, industrials, commodities, real estate, education and healthcare, plus others.

Our goal is to go beyond the traditional short-termed, narrowly-focused and conflict-ridden financial services, providing a fresh look over centuries-old businesses. Novalis Capital has a team of experienced professionals with a diversified background, and partners with leading specialists from other fields, who share the same vision about providing the most robust and customized advice to clients, with strict confidentiality.

We encourage you and your company to explore our listed services or to contact us over other tailor-made options.