At Novalis, we go the extra mile, and beyond.

Novalis Capital

Novalis Capital

For long people and their companies have relied on the same players for their research, advisory and capital management needs.

Most of their work is now commoditized, not to say full of footnote-disclosed conflicts of interest.

The time has come to take the business the extra mile, and beyond.

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Fundraising, M&A and Restructuring Advisory

Funding, restructuring and M&A transaction advisory for growth, small and middle enterprises;

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Investment Analysis and Portfolio Advisory

Investment analysis, business valuation and portfolio advisory for companies, asset managers, financial advisors and wealthy individuals;

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In-depth Independent Research and Corporate Access

Multi-market, multi-asset, in-depth independent research and corporate access for corporate clients and investment management firms;

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Tailor-made Services

Other financial, intelligence, educational and technology tailor-made services.

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“No man was ever wise by chance.”

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman stoic philosopher